Mortgage Insights this Spring | Financial Advice


In this blog, our mortgage experts share their insights for Spring on the current activity within the market and the opportunities for first time buyers and sellers.    Mortgage Insights | Opportunities & Challenges The Scottish property market is currently experiencing a surge in property listings, indicating a lively period for both buyers and sellers. […]

Spring Statement 2024 – Key Takeaways

The Chancellor delivered his Spring statement for 2024 yesterday on Wednesday March 6th. Here are our key takeaways.  Our Key Takeaways from the Spring Statement: National Insurance A further cut of 2% to the main rate of National Insurance (NI) from 10% to 8%. This is following the previous 2% cut announced in the Autumn […]

Financial Planning for New Parents

Managing director, Matthew Irvine, reflects on the important considerations to make to your finances when having children, as he shares his personal experience entering parenthood.   Financial Planning when becoming a parent… Having just returned to work from Paternity leave following the birth of my first child, I have been considering the impact financial planning […]

Tax Year-End Allowances and Reliefs

Tax year-end

Senior Adviser, Janine Simpson, outlines 6 tax planning tips for you to consider looking ahead to the tax year-end, this coming April.   Tax Year-End Allowances and Reliefs – Use them or lose them! As we approach another tax year-end, I want to share some of the annual opportunities we have available to us in […]

Invest in Commercial Property to Maximise Your Pension

commercial property investment

In this blog, Director Barry McKenzie, explores an interesting investment option for your pension in relation to commercial property. Read on to find out how you can maximise your finances in retirement.   Pensions and Commercial Property Recognising areas of potential growth has been made difficult in recent years, with our finances adjusting to the […]

Autumn Statement 2023 – Key Points

Autumn Statement 2023

Jeremy Hunt delivered his much anticipated Autumn Statement on 22 November 2023. Introducing national insurance cuts, and changes to pensions and investments, the chancellor is focused on long term economic growth, while inflation remains high. Our Key Takeaways from the Autumn Statement:   National Insurance cut The main rate of Employee NICs (National Insurance contributions) […]

Mortgage Insights this Autumn | Financial Advice

In this piece, our mortgage experts discuss the emerging trends and latest market developments within the industry, this Autumn. Read on to learn more about interest rate fluctuations, the reality of the Scottish purchase market and what the team have to say about re-mortgages. What’s trending in Mortgages – Autumn 2023 As the seasons begin […]

Returning Expats | Financial Advice

Financial advice for returning expats to the UK

In this blog, our Director (Sales and Development), Kristofor Banks, shares his personal experience discussing the financial considerations for returning expats. The Returning Expat! Having recently repatriated to the UK from Singapore, I was struck by the amount of “work” required to make such a move. I left the UK in 2012 kicking and screaming, […]

Fees: What You Need To Know

In this piece, Brooke Armstrong, who is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Financial Services, breaks down how and why we charge fees as Financial Planners:   Fees: What You Need To Know Fees are the remuneration or charges paid to a financial planner/adviser for his or her services. They come in various forms and […]

5 Reasons to Consider Income Protection | Financial Advice

5 Reasons to Consider Income Protection With the cost-of-living crisis squeezing household incomes and many individuals and families having to make tough decisions about what they spend their money on, there is a risk that income protection is seen by many as an unnecessary luxury, rather than arguably the most essential insurance anyone could have. […]

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