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Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

Employers are becoming much more aware of the impact an employee’s personal life can have on the duties they perform at work.

An employee worrying about their health, or the health of a partner or child, or financial problems can cause them stress and, in some cases, lead to them taking time off.

  • Group Private Medical Insurance

  • Group Health Cash Plans

  • Group Dental Insurance

  • Employee Assistance Programme

  • Boost employees health and well being

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Reduce time staff are off work due to injury or illness

  • Create a culture where staff feel valued and looked after by their employer

Why use Melville Independent
for Health & Wellbeing?

Melville Independent works with all of the leading providers of corporate healthcare to design, negotiate, implement and manage group healthcare strategies that will offer excellent value for money and can be tailored to your objectives, budget and employee’s needs.

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