Brooke Armstrong

Brooke Armstrong

Adviser Support

Brooke’s time at Melville began in July 2022 where she interned for six weeks over summer during the penultimate year of her Financial Services degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

She was then offered a part-time position as adviser support while completing her studies, this is the role she currently holds with plans to join the Mortgage Department full-time after summer to begin completing her professional exams to progress within the company. Before this position, she worked in a variety of industries whilst studying, encouraging her love of meeting new people, and developing a desire to help others.

She currently lives in East Lothian, where she enjoys cold water swimming in the brisk North Sea, and long dog walks with her husky in the surrounding areas. She loves traveling and experiencing other cultures and cuisines with friends and family, as well as staycations around the UK, longing to complete the NC500 trail.

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