Craig Masson

Craig Masson

Senior Financial Planner

Craig has worked in Wealth Management in Edinburgh for the last 35 years, providing financial advice to his clients and their families, many of whom he has known for more than 25 years. His focus is to help his clients create, enhance, and then preserve their wealth so they can look forward to and enjoy their retirement and then pass on their wealth to their family.

He joined Melville Independent plc in January 2021 as a Wealth Manager because he was attracted to the opportunity to give his clients truly independent financial advice.

Born and brought up in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, he returned to his parents’ home of Scotland to attend Loretto School in 1976. After graduating in Business Law at Heriot-Watt University, he moved to London, returning to Edinburgh in 1985 where he has made his home.

His dedication to his clients has led to a growing number of introductions to family members, friends and colleagues who now also depend on his ongoing advice regarding the management of their wealth. His clients know that he can be called upon at any time to guide them through any number of financial challenges which arise through their working life and retirement and make provision for the next generation.

When he is not in his office or at a meeting at a client’s home, he may be found on the golf course, usually in Edinburgh, St Andrews or Northumberland and he counts many of his clients as friends, both on and off the golf course. He has two grown up children, Rebecca, and Andrew, who are now treading their own paths in life.

He is based in Edinburgh but visit clients across the UK. Whether your interests lie in Investment planning, Retirement planning or Inheritance Tax and Estate planning, he would be delighted to hear from you.

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