Matthew Irvine

Matthew Irvine

Managing Director

Matthew is the Managing Director of Melville Independent plc, which involves developing and implementing the long-term strategic goals of the company, alongside oversight of the day-to-day running of Melville Independent plc. He also has a passion for developing the next generation of advisers to ensure the future of the business and our clients.

Alongside the above, Matthew still spends a significant amount of his time advising individual clients on their Pension, Investment, and Inheritance Tax planning.

Having joined Melville Independent plc in May 2015, with experience in a number of varied roles across the company Matthew joined the Senior Management team of Melville Independent plc in 2020. He has  9 years of experience in Financial Services, completing his Diploma in Financial Planning in 2016 before undertaking the Chartered Diploma which he successfully completed in 2019.

Matthew is a Chartered Financial Planner with specialist knowledge in the areas of Pension and Investment Planning alongside Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care Planning.

Matthew was born and raised in Edinburgh, before moving to Aberdeen to study Management. On successful completion of his studies, he moved back to Edinburgh in 2014 to pursue his career in financial services.

Matthew was a keen rugby player but recently hung up the boots and moved onto the more leisurely activities of playing golf and walking his French Bulldog, Stitch. He has recently taken up running with the aim of running a marathon in 2024!

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